Micro Bikini Swimwear

The micro bikini swimwear is one of the most commonly seen variants of the bikini family in beach and swimming pool resorts nowadays. With little to leave for the imagination, wearers of these daring designs are sure hits anywhere they go.

TeenyB Micro Bikinis

A little bit of history

This skimpy piece is almost always associated with swimwear. It is practically the official bikini bathing suit in any beach resort, swimming pool, or seaside party places. Composing of two pieces of garment, one to cover the breasts and the other to cover the groin and the buttocks, this line of swimwear surely makes waves everywhere it is appropriate to use. Introduced by French designers in the 1940s, this two-piece swimwear was named after the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, where atomic bombs were tested. Aptly, the sexy garment exploded in the world and soon become the usual beach wear, ending many centuries of conservative beachwear as dictated by the past social norms. This very daring item has many variants, which include the string, the monokini, the tankini, the sling, the trikini, and the pubikini.

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The Microkini

Popularly referred to as the “microkini,” this is yet another famous variant of the two-piece. It is characterized by its being extremely skimpy, and is designed to cover only the most essential or delicate parts of the genitalia. Some variations of this sexy number even utilize adhesive to eliminate the usual thin straps. Because of that, this particular variant is often seen as the bridge between nudism and conservative beachwear. The term “microkini” itself was coined by supporters of extreme designs in 1995.

The itty bitty two-piece as people know it today started in the 1970s at the Venice Beach in California in the United States. It was said that a legislature was passed banning nudity on the beaches, so regular nudist beachgoers started thinking of ways to continue their enthusiasm while complying with the law. Creatively, they made homemade bathing suits, which are very tiny, enough only to, well, to wear something, making them comply with the law. At the middle of that decade, a local swimsuit shop worked on the idea and began making practical designs. The rest they say is history.

This super skimpy beachwear evolved from a creative answer to a law banning beach nudity to the most provocative swimsuit ever to cover one’s body from the sun. Despite its daring cuts, many women today love wearing teeny swimsuits to show off their assets.